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Pixel Perfect PSD to WordPress Conversion

Converting a PSD to a pixel-perfect WordPress website is something that we care about the most. We understand how frustrating it is to make a conversion that doesn’t match with the height and width of every segment of the PSD design.

We have highly qualified front end developers who transform the PSD design to pixel perfect HTML pages. Then our certified WordPress developers convert that lifeless HTML pages to a well-functioning WordPress website.

However, you have to keep in mind that any PSD design that is made keeping the desktop version in mind will be pixel perfect only for desktop.

When you see that website using your mobile device the height and width of the design will be changed to respond to the device viewport.

We know it takes a lot of practice to become a pixel perfect PSD to WordPress conversion expert. Our team is well trained and experienced in this regard.

Responsive Web Development

We are living in the 21st century. Now it’s all about making your website responsive to any device that is out there on the market.
Gone are the days when people used only desktop to browse a website.

At that time, we didn’t have to think about the mobile web as it was not familiar back then.

But now, the mobile web should be the priority when you are making a website to serve your audience. The vast majority of the customers of any business are using their phones and tablets three times as many as their desktop computers.

Not only the device, now you will find a lot of browsers out there like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Opera mini and so on. They have some similarities in parsing the CSS and HTML code, and they have some differences too.

So it is a must to develop the WordPress site in a way so that it fits any browser without collapsing the whole design.

Meaning it is vital to make a WordPress site responsive to every device, and every browser on the planet.

We use Bootstrap during the PSD to WordPress conversion phase to make the site responsive.

Fast Page Speed

No one has that extra time to wait for your web pages to load for seconds after seconds.

Now it’s time to load fast.

No matter how good and informative your pages are, if it takes more than 2 seconds to load, very likely your visitors are going to press the back button and find other fast loading websites.

Not only that, if you want to rank well in Google, then consider page speed as a crucial ranking factor.

2 seconds to 5 seconds is considered to be the ideal load time of any webpage.

Being said that, every second count.

If your page loads within 1 to 2 seconds it’s fantastic. But anything more than 2 seconds will increase the bounce rate and if your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, then we’re worried, no one will visit that page.

We understand the importance of page speed and know how to develop a WordPress site that loads fast.

We don’t use any unnecessary plugin. That results in fewer HTTP requests. This is crucial to load the page fast. We will install the necessary caching plugin with proper settings too.

Last but not least we will write clean code to make the pages lighter to boost the page speed.

W3C Validated Clean Code

We write clean code and test every page against the W3 validation standard.

Why is it important?

Well, making our code up to the standard is not only important for the sake of good practice. It is also important for search engine ranking and protecting your sites from a few possible attacks.

Writing clean code helps to make any future changes, hence increases the manageability.

To make your site cross-browser friendly it is essential to ensure the W3C validation.

That means the benefits of writing W3C validated clean code are manifold.

We realize that and write our code accordingly.

Good Search Visibility

Your WordPress site is nothing if people can’t find that easily after searching on different search engines.

Yes, you can always bring paid traffic through Facebook marketing or other PPC methods.

But who wants to miss organic traffic? – which is free of cost.

Yes, we are not going to do the off-page SEO stuff and keep working until it ranks on Google. That’s a whole different service.

But while developing the site we will do whatever it takes to ensure the on-page SEO stuff.

We will write an efficient and SEO friendly code for you. We will keep the pages light and SEO semantic.

There will be no crawling issue for the search engine robots. No canonical issues or whatever it harms the search engine visibility.

A secured WordPress Website

No doubt your WordPress site is the heart of your business and you don’t want to keep it vulnerable to let a hacker do all the damage.

We will make the website secured from the very beginning. We know what it takes to make a website secure.

The security concern starts right from the development phase. Our code handles any exceptional cases and possible attacks that a hacker may try to attempt.

On top of that, we will install the required security plugin with accurate settings to increase security even further.

We will hide your login page from public access, enable two-factor authentication, restrict failed login attempts, provide protection against DDoS attack, SQL injection, XSS attack, change the admin username, provide protection for the wp-admin directory, disable file editing and many more.

Customized Plugin, Widget, and Theme

At Finest Web Geek, we don’t believe in copy and paste methodology that many developers try to do.

We will do customized work based on your requirements. If required we will develop a new plugin to meet the requirement according to your PSD design.

What about the theme?

We will either make the whole theme from scratch or make a child theme of any reputed theme that suits your requirements most.

Each of our clients is unique to us. We value their own requirements and make the necessary changes to the plugins, widgets, and themes accordingly or make them from scratch.

Improved UI/UX

We know you are going to give us a well-researched PSD design that reflects the good UI/UX practices.

However, we will be open to discuss any improvements if it requires in terms of UI/UX of the whole design.

Your website has no value if it doesn’t satisfy your users. They want a good experience before leaving your page. And also a good looking site that pleases their eyes.

The aesthetic beauty of your WordPress is something that you can’t afford to give less priority.

So, at the end of the day, if we think your PSD design lacks good UI/UX, we will suggest some changes. No worries.

Database Integration

Database and WordPress sites are closely connected. In short, a WordPress site is nothing without connecting to a database.

So knowing database manipulation is a must for any WordPress developer.

Once our front-end team converts the PSD to HTML, our back-end team will integrate the site into the MySQL database.

If any of the plugins require to save data in the database, we will write code for that. Of course, the code will be secured to block any loopholes that affect the web site security and efficient code to reduce query execution time.

Overall Usability, Functionality, and Performance

Finest Web Geek will ensure the overall usability, functionality, and performance of your site to make it acceptable to your visitors and different search engines.

If your site is not performance-driven or result-driven then it has nothing to do for your business. You need a WordPress website that will increase your leads and conversion and bring back your visitors later.

We will study your audience and include the necessary functionalities to make your site easy to use.

Your visitors will have no issues whatsoever to access your contents, and other forms to get in touch with you.

Our PSD to WordPress Conversion Process at a Glance


Analyzing the PSD design and suggesting any improvement if required

Analyzing the PSD design and suggesting any improvement if required

After we receive your PSD design we won’t go for a conversion process straight away. Instead, we will analyze it first. We will try to see if it requires any improvement considering UI/UX and let you know. Once we both agree about the final version we will start converting the PSD design.

Write the code for the HTML version

Write the code for the HTML version

We will write the code and it will be hand-coded clean HTML5, CSS3 markups. We use the Bootstrap framework to speed up the conversion process and make the output responsive to any device or browsers. We prioritize the mobile-first approach here.



Converting HTML to WordPress

Converting HTML to WordPress

After finishing the PSD to HTML conversion we then start working for converting it to a WordPress website.

We do all the necessary works related to plugins, widgets, and themes in this phase. Also the database integration, enhancing security, page speed, and other code optimizations.

Final testing and demo session

Final testing and demo session

Once our development team passes the project to the testing team, the testing team leaves no stone unturned to find out the bugs.

They prepare the test cases first and test the whole site based on that.

After the testing team and development team finds and fixes the bugs (if any), we will show you the demo of the finished project.



You accept, we deliver

You accept, we deliver

If you are happy with the project, we make a zip file and deliver it to you with all the necessary files.

If you ask us to install the site on your server, no problem. We will do it for free.